Tune Field

A Novel Antenna based Controller for Musical Expression

Year: 2020-2021
Role : UX-UI Design,  Hardware, Electronics
Recognition : NIME 2021
There are two ways to make a classical sculpture; by addition or subtraction, so it happens with music and sound waves. Tune Field is influenced by this idea in its physical interaction, through a series of antennas that slide along the Z axis, and the sound generated, a minimalist drone characterized by its slight harmonic variations.

Unlike other capacitive sensing interfaces, the antennas can recognize their height in the Z-axis and if it is being touched. These features allow replacing the use of other existing interfaces such as buttons or sliders. It also plays a collective role due to the magnetic field created which interferes in the capacitive sensing measurement of each antenna.
The drone sound created is complemented by a series of visuals that create an experience inspired by the one proposed by LaMonte Young in the Dream House. An installation comprised of static sounds and light sculptures.
Possible interactions with antennas:
Touch, slide up and down, change location of antenna.
PCB design and detail of antenna.
It connects to 2 pins of the Teensy, send and receive.
The values collected from each antenna are processed through Teensy’s built-in CapacitiveSensor Library. Teensyduino sends the data by OSC first to Max/MSP to produce the sound, and later to Processing for the visuals