Saving Face

A suite of easily scalable technologies to help people fight the Covid-19 pandemic

Year: 2020
Team: N. Ayoub, C. Rojas, I. Wicaksono
Role : UX-UI Designer
Recognition : Fast Company Innovation by Design Award
“Don’t touch your face” is seemingly simple advice. Since coronaviruses are stable for days on many surfaces, a person can get COVID-19 by touching a contaminated handle or object and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly eyes. But quitting is far easier said than done. Most people touch their face frequently throughout the day, usually without thinking about it—it’s a very difficult habit to break and requires a surprising amount of conscious effort.
SF App
A SONAR-inspired approach to measure the distance between hands and face and warning the user with an alarm when they get too close.
A customized magnetic field sensing wearable that can be easily prototyped and manufactured.
Saving Face app is compatible with off the shelf hardware
Logo Design. It should convey the purpose of the app simply
and memorably, following the color identity of the project.
The SONAR-inspired technique transmits an ultrasound signal from earbuds received by a microphone near the face. Many inexpensive off-the-shelf wired earbuds can generate and detect 20kHz ultrasonic frequencies. This solution could be used by anyone with a smartphone and inexpensive headphones. The app alerts users when they are about to touch their faces, it also records the count.